Quick access to end-to-end LiDAR-based infrastructure to perform high-precision land survey, and underground / indoor surveying projects. 20 times faster, 3 times more cost-effective, not capital expenditures and not long learning curves.

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We believe a sustainable planet needs efficiency and precision in the design and development control of civil, mining, forestry and agricultural projects. This is why we provide an end-to-end land survey technology for our users to fulfill their role in a big way.

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Elevate Your Land Survey Experience with LiDARit

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Remember we are speaking about land survey accuracy for design or development control not about feasibility projects

  • 1 in. (2.5 cm.) absolute accuracy at 50 m. or 1.5 in. (3.5 cm.) at 100 m. Do not confuse absolute accuracy with Laser accuracy

  • 0.011 degrees heading accuracy, 0.005 roll and pitch accuracy

LiDARitmanager.AI always included

Based in a HPC cloud service LiDARitmanager.AI will perform a rigorous step by step to deliver the final land survey products and measurements. Supervised by experts in the critical stages. It includes a report made by experts

LiDARitmanager.AI put in your hands Artificial Intelligence capabilities to deeper analyzes in your industry


Elevate Your Land Survey Experience with LiDARit

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  • No long-term commitments

  • Inc. insurance coverage

  • All-inclusive monthly payment

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