LiDARit Explorer R

LiDARit Explorer R is always include in our monthly subscriptions. It is the best in class and our user preferred LiDAR.
Remember we are speaking about land survey accuracy for design or development control not about feasibility projects.

  • 1 in. (2.5 cm.) absolute accuracy at 50 m. or 1.5 in. (3.5 cm.) at 100 m. Do not confuse absolute accuracy with Laser accuracy

  • 0.011 degrees heading accuracy, 0.005 roll and pitch accuracy

Explorer R is a multiplatform LiDAR system

Car mounting, backpack or drone mounting are included. Add a Drone or a Pilot in your monthly subscription if necessary.
Our Subscribers usually use M300 RTK, M600 or M200 DJI drones, Alta X, Alta 8 Freefly drones, manned small aircraft for big or inaccessible areas, terrestrial vehicles for cadastre, road corridor or urban transmission lines. Walking using our backpack for underground/indoor spaces or robots like our SmartBox.

Explorer R is a multi-purpose LiDAR system

From canopy penetration, accuracy stock piles measurements, underground/indoor survey using SLAM to detailed land survey. See point-cloud images by our user across the globe below.

Our journey in LiDAR.

Across the year we have developed multiple LiDAR options, all of them available. LiDARit Sparrow and LiDARit one are our entry level units focus in the not land survey accuracy LiDAR where it is accepted absolute error above 5cm at 50m. Explorer R and Eagle X in the land survey accuracy segment. Eagle X with twice point density that Explorer R. And finally the LiDARit Sky for high altitude manned missions.

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