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Based in a HPC cloud service LiDARitmanager.AI will perform a rigorous step by step to deliver the final land survey products and measurements. Supervised by experts in the critical stages. It includes a report made by experts.

LiDARitmanager.AI offers Artificial Intelligence capabilities at your fingertips to perform deeper analysis of your industry.

Step by step to create great products.

Starting with PPK GNSS-INS best accurate trajectory estimation (With GNSS base station observations and precision ephemeris) for a trajectory or traverse closure error less than 8mm, then the accuracy point cloud creation, fluctuations adjustment between lines when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable, Point Cloud Classification and finally the deliverables generation.


Detailed DTM, DSM, contour lines, orthophoto, CAD drawings, stockpiles measurement, amount others. Share data online with your colleagues and partners without need other specialized software. Or use our AI capabilities for deeper data analysis.

Artificial Intelligent analytics.

LiDARitmanager.AI has been trained for specialized LiDAR analytics for inventory and maintenance of road corridor, power lines, smart cities and forestry. Ask us for specialized documents. If you are looking for other analytics using AI let us know, we would love assume challenges.

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