LiDARit SmartBox.

Automate your stockpile measurements, survey terrain mapping and change detection, eliminate risks and optimize resources.

SmartBox-User fit.

Users or companies that require high accuracy land survey measurements (Error less than 3cm) in scattered areas or blocks within a maximum 2mi radius around and must measure with daily or at least weekly frequency. For more remote areas additional Smartbox will be required.

What SmartBox is

A outdoors box what includes and keep control of a LiDARit-Drone from recharging and changing batteries, takeoff, mission execution for LiDAR mapping, landing, to data post-processing and generation of final measurements before 3h. Fully autonomous

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Elevate Your Land Survey Experience with a LiDARit SmartBox.

How it works.

Keep the SmartBox connected to power and internet, it can be solar energy or satellite internet. Select the areas to be measured from your office or home, schedule them. SmartBox will execute the missions itself, then it will post process the data and send the results to your management platforms or to your email.

Data Postprocessing.

SmartBox perform data postprocessing through LiDARitManager.AI, It guarantee high accuracy results but the best part is that digital models, measurements and CAD drawing will be available online under highest security level. No additional software will be necessary to share, visualize and use the data.


But it is not just LiDAR, it is LiDAR + a high accuracy GNSS-INS solution to guarantee a closed traverse with error under 8mm. That is why SmartBox include an Explorer R.

Fulfill our role.

We believe a sustainable planet needs efficiency and precision in the design and development control of civil, mining, forestry and agricultural projects. This is why we provide an end-to-end land survey technology for our users to fulfill their role in a big way

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  • No long-term commitments

  • Inc. insurance coverage

  • All-inclusive monthly payment

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